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As human being, we could not reject war and conflict as part of human civilization. Plato said that war will end when all human die. Referring to Ibn Khaldun’s book, Muqaddimah, God creates war or fighting ever since the life begun in the world. So, Khaldun wrote that war have different sides, he called those were unjust and holy war. Khaldun explained war as follows: first, kind of war, usually happens between tribes or caused by family problem. Second, war occurred by hostility, for example Muslim community against Israel and Jewish community in the Middle East. Third, the holy war, like Christian and Muslim wars in the middle age fighting for the holy place, Jerusalem. Fourth, dynastic war against the rebellion, such as Nepalese Kingdom against Maoist Liberation Movement. Read the rest of this entry »


The last nine years of reformation inside the institution of Indonesia Armed Forces has shown significant improvement. It was started by the dispersal of Indonesia National Police from its former main institution the Armed Forces of Republic of Indonesia by 1 April 1999. Since the policy was supported widely by public, the People’s Consultative Assembly put it in a Decree No. MPR/VI.2000 and MPR/VII/200 on the dispersal of Indonesia National Police of its former main institution, the structure of Indonesia Armed Forces is under the supervision of Ministry of Defense, and Indonesia National Police is under direct control of the President. Another successful reform in the institution of Indonesia Armed Forces was the change of the Ministry, from Ministry of National Security and Defense into Ministry of Defense, and civilian is appointed to lead the Ministry until now. It is something impossible for us to see during the New Order regime. Another reform took place when Chief of Indonesia Naval Forces became the Joint Chief of Staff, breaking the “tradition” where usually the title was specially held by Chief of Indonesia Army. Admiral Widodo AS was the first Chief of Naval Forces who became Joint Chief of Staff and the “new tradition” is continued when Air Marshall General Djoko Suyanto was appointed as Joint Chief of Staff. Read the rest of this entry »


Eight years after its dispersal from Indonesia Armed Force (TNI), Indonesian National Police (Indonesia National Police) has not yet to be a professional police on democratic policing context yet. Police still committed violent practices, and it indicates that the institution has not yet finished its internal reform as institution. Any kind of Indonesia National Police problem, whether from internal and also external like oversight by internal, parliament, and public, educational practices in police academy, until the institution averse to sharing the police management with the local government. The article argues that the core problems are from the institution its self, the indolence of institution to response any problem, and the public hoping became a core of problem, why Indonesia National Police does not finish to internal reform yet. This article also offer the solutions that order to Indonesia National Police as internal security institution could be match with the agenda of democracy in Indonesia and also following democratic policing context, hopefully Indonesia National Police can expect to proof as professional and civilian police institution. Read the rest of this entry »

Ada fenomena menarik menjelang dilaksanakannya Pemilihan Gubernur dan Wakil Gubernur Jawa Barat (Pilgub Jabar) tahun 2008 yang akan datang, yakni banyaknya kandidat gubernur maupun wakil gubernur dari unsur TNI dan Polri, baik yang sudah pensiun maupun yang masih aktif. Tercatat ada enam jenderal dari TNI/Polri, masing-masing tiga dari TNI dan tiga dari Polri. Jenderal dari TNI yakni: Agum Gumelar yang akan diusung oleh PDI Perjuangan, Iwan R. Sulanjana, mantan Pangdam Siliwangi, dan Tubagus Hasanuddin, jenderal bintang dua yang masih aktif. Mantan Sekretaris Militer (Sekmil) pada masa Presiden Megawati ini siap maju sebagai calon independen. Sementara dari Polri adalah: Nana Permana, mantan Kapolda Jawa Barat,dan juga mantan Wakapolri, Dadang Garnida, mantan Kapolda Jawa Barat, yang juga mantan Sestama Lemhanas, serta Maman Sulaiman, ketiganya mengambil formulir dari partai-partai yang telah membuka pencalonan, Nana Permana dan Dadang Garnida mencalonkan diri lewat PAN dan PKS, serta PKB dan Partai Golkar, sedangkan Maman Sulaiman lebih memilih PAN dan PKB. Read the rest of this entry »

Kata Sang Bijak

Biarpun muda, biarpun tampan, masih bangsawan dan sehat, tetapi kalau tidak mempunyai kepandaian atau ilmu, pucat mukanya, tanpa cahaya, tidak berbeda dengan bunga randu alas, merah sekali tetapi tidak harum dan tak ada gunanya samasekali

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